Monday, January 14, 2008

Thunderheist- Disco Booty

Have you head the new Thunderheist joint? Go directly to myspace, do not pass go, do not collect $200. This shit is awesome. I can't wait to get a copy of this.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Villains Remix

In the infamous words of Clinton Sparks, 'Get Familiar.' This is the most recent track to leak from the West Coasts' freshest electro outfit, The Villains. This remix of Buddy Akai is super-ill. I don't even like Buddy Akai, but these guys make it tolerable to me. They are a wet dream for hip hop kids who like to dance.

Buddy Akai-Cut Me Up (Villains Remix)

Vitamins For You

I can't believe I was sleeping on this so hard. Vitamins For You is this dope electro-pop act from Toronto. This picture is kind of creepy, but frankly, it's less creepy than the regular pictures on his myspace. I found this Jokers remix on Discobelle, and then this Stop Die Resuscitate remix on Fluokids. The Canadian electro scene is killing it.

Vitamins For You- Flesh (JOTS remix)

Vitamins For you- Flesh (SDR remix)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kill Yourself

I Don't like to jack doubletime from our connects but shit. I stole this shit direct from the Cool Hunter. This shit is disgusting. I'm puking right now.

Where'd You Say You Lived Again?

If ever there was a GTFOH moment this is it. Adam Kaulkin's Quik House. Fuckin P's to Cool Hunter. This shit blew my mind so hard I am now a vegetable.

I Will Not Lose

Jeremy Scott x Fruition. As far as Fruition goes, this is it. From what I have seen so far this is the most up-to-the-minute streetwear brand/shop there is. You may not really be down with alot of their shit, but theh-theh-they be on it (no Kryptonite). As far as Jeremy Scott goes, his shit very well may be the epitome of clothing that will cause us to wonder in ten years if someone put acid in our fries. However, this guy has MAD vision and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up becoming bigger than any of us could ever imagine. Like getting fired from Perry Ellis and becoming the head designer at Louis Vuitton big. Holla.

Fuck A Budget

There's your ad right there Mr. Jobs.

In My White Tee

I'm not gonna defend my enjoyment of the lumberjack shirt. If you ain't feelin it fine, it costs you nothin, pay me no mind. But, if you prefer to stay white teed then cop these and you'll still be helping raise awareness. When I say raising awareness I am obviously talking about the plight of Canadians. You know, the cold and all.

I Ain't Got No Money In The Bank

Or at least I won't soon. Too many ill kicks droppin. Nike Dunk 2008 First Round. Them blues are burners for real. Shout out to Kix-files.

Must Ignore Jordans

Visvim. Reminds me of how badly I need boots. If I were to actually buy boots, which I probably won't, I think these would make the cut. Shiny.